Rooster Guy

I am Rooster Guy!

Operating in & around the Hunter region & Central Coast  NSW

The noble Rooster.... What's not to love?   They are cute, smart, fun loving, affectionate, loyal, attractive, knockabout, funny, crazy birds.
They are smarter than dolphins, stronger than gorillas,  faster than the cheeter......   Well maybe not, but you will never find a nicer animal!
Early in the morning our feathered friends are known  to crow piercingly loud...hey it is their natural instinct..... and music to my ears! 

Unfortunately,  some people buy baby chickens and when they grow up to be a ROOSTER decide they dont want them anymore ( Horrible).
Or   sometimes people buy a rooster and for some strange reason decide they no longer want it ( Crazy ). 
Sometimes our lovely humanbeings dump or discard these beautiful creatures ( Disgusting ).

Luckily there is     ( is it a bird )  ... (is it a plane)   ....   ( no its) ...

( its )......

            ROOSTER GUY

Rooster Guy relocates  man's real best friends (using his trusty & sleek RoosterMobil) to homes where they will live in peace for the rest of their days. HAPPILY  Singing and eating and pecking around. Having a great time doing what they do best.

If you would like to help, or donate,  or know of a rooster in need. Please contact  ROOSTER GUY by filling out the contact form.  THANKS